Creative Spaces (part one): My bedroom, my bliss

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Hello everyone! Today’s post is dedicated to a little place in my home that just happens to be my very own little bit of luxury – my bedroom! I am completely inspired by the coveteur ( and decided to invite you into my personal space. I strongly believe that a personal space is a true reflection of your individuality and flair. It is after all an intimate space where you unwind in after a long day and relax!

When it comes to my own bedroom (or home for that matter), I like to start with a blank canvas such as clean white furniture and walls and then add vibrant splashes of bright textures and textiles to give it warmth. The contrast of these two really livens up the space whilst keeping a sense of calm through a minimalistic approach that I adore.

My tips to make your room a little more quirky? Pull out old letters, notes and quotes and hang them in beautiful frames, drape pretty little trinkets like necklaces over these frames, use that sequin statement piece as art and show it off  (why hide it in your closet?), place random objects where they don’t belong – pretty little teacups on dressers and high heels as book ends, collect fashion/art books – stack ’em high and some classic black and white photographs are always a win!

Above are some detailed pictures of my room to give you some interior inspiration. I would love to know how you decorate your room?

Until next time…
Happy Monday! xx


11 thoughts on “Creative Spaces (part one): My bedroom, my bliss

  1. This is the perfect fashion-addict bedroom : I particularly like your magazine collection (although I live in Marseille, France, I’m the proud owner of a couple of “Vogue Australia” and “Vogue India” magazines !). FYI, my room is “duck” blue with nothing on the walls except my closet, with all my Jean Paul Gaultier clothes, and a monumental furniture which showcase my fashion books and magazines, and my “Sex and the City” DVD collection ! Thanks so much for the follow and for the sweet comment on my blog !

    • Why thank you to you as well, your comment totally made my day! Your bedroom sounds like something I would love love – esp the Sex and the City DVDs and designer clothing 🙂

      Oh and I absolutely want to visit France one day!! xx

  2. Love your colorful blog. Where did you get that place mat from? I need that in my life, lol. Oh, and I do that as well with the quotes in picture frames and the books. Continue to live a life in color. 🙂

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