Off to Paddington We Go!


Paddington in Sydney (where my brother lives – so jel right now!) is one of the most affluent suburbs in the city and boasts absolute beautiful living. Here are some pictures I clicked (in a non-stalker way) of the jaw-droopingly stunning homes and cafes in this ‘hood. I was in awe and would absolutely want to live here one day. The leafy streets were lined with pretty eateries, deli, bakeries, cool bars and designer boutiques. I dieee!!

Have you visited ‘Paddo’ (as the locals call it) before? Thoughts? x



Creative Spaces (part four): My Living Room

Our current apartment has white walls and lots of open space as we haven’t crowded it with excessive 
furniture or hoarding (that sort of sticks to the other rooms!). Lately I’ve been hunting around for some young, fun and chic pieces to add warmth to the living area but not blow our budget! I am a sucker for Pinterest and always click for great inspiration ideas! Once I have a distinct idea in my mind, I’m off to hunt! Scroll below to see the bargain pieces I found and how our living room turned out!



My living Room below:
Everything you see in the pictures below is affordable and easy to find if you just hunt around for a bargain! I absolutely love my new living area, it’s a place that we always relax in as well as entertain. There is something really calming about having white interiors – it makes a space look brighter as natural light bounces off the walls, minimalistic and works as the ideal canvas for interior decor! Everything is easy to clean (washable cushion covers – helloooo lifesaver!!) which is an added bonus!



Tips to liven up your living space:

1. Start with a clear idea of colour schemes/patterns
2. Objects like coffee table books, bright textiles, cutlery or one statement piece of furniture made a huge difference!
3. I love pieces with sentiment – objects you’ve been gifted or picked up on travels
4. Do not over complicate and clutter!
5. IKEA is your best friend. 

If you want more interior inspiration, make sure you check out my part one, two and three on my apartment interiors –

How would you decorate your personal space? x

Saturday Fun: Girls’ Night Look!


Oh hiiiii. So, my previous post was all about colour blocking and I wrote about how you can mix pastels with bold brights, so this weekend I did just that to show you! I absolutely love this pink ruffle skirt (another vintage treasure) so decided to pull it out of my wardrobe after months! Since it was girls’ night, I decided to go all out and flirt with femininity.

My look is:
Zara Basics Blazer
H&M vintage ruffle skirt
Country Road silk singlet
Enzo Angiolini Wedges
Lovisa Chain Necklace and earrings
My own solid gold rings and mens watch

Best part of this look? It didn’t cost me a bomb!

What do you think of this look? x

Crushing on COLOUR!


Lately, I’ve been in the mood to wear brights. And not just a hint of a bright – I mean, go all out, stand out, potentially scare some people and make a statement bright! I’ve always been an ardent fan of colour; it’s THE easiest way to elevate an outfit to chic and puts you in a happy mood! Colour does that to you – it lifts you instantly.

Today I want to talk to you about the super brights and how you can make it work for you. First off, if you are not confident wearing head to toe colour, then simply pick your upper half or lower half to work with (easy rule – choose what you want to highlight and flaunt – legs, shoulders?). A great way to ease into wearing multi tones is sticking with a pastel tone as they are softer and then amplifying the look with a bright lipstick or piece of jewellery. The main thing is to not over complicate your look too much – stick with solid colours and no prints in this instance for a great colour block effect. And stay away from black, white and grey – these are not COLOURS, so don’t be shy!

I have posted some great inspiration above so pick and choose your colours well and colour your world pretty!

Happy Tuesday x