about Adore&Ärdor

Hello there!

I thought I would give you adoring bloggers a little insight about me and my vision for Adore&Ärdor!

After recently leaving a corporate role, I decided to take a small career break and give blogging and writing a go. In the past, I have done some bold moves for this career, such as flying overseas for a stint at Vogue magazine and trying to make it on my own. Turns out, my risk was one of the best experiences of my life – of course professionally, but also of self strength and determination. After Vogue, I then became a make-up artist for Napoleon Perdis, covered Fashion Week back home in NZ, and wrote for a luxury magazine in the fashion/beauty pages.

Along the way, I have realised that blogging and styling is something I would love to continue. My great loves are bold colours, clashing prints, sequins and anything out of the ordinary.

Adore&Ärdor aims to bring you a daily dose of inspiration. Colour. Any form of creative spaces, exotic places, familiar faces, opulent style, beautiful living, sartorial style, personal creativity and everything else in between.

So, follow me for visual satisfaction!

Love x


(Disclaimer: The content featured on this website is for inspirational purpose only while the images and visuals belong to it’s rightful owners. The images are sourced from various websites such as Pinterest and other search engines on the world wide web. Adore&Ärdor does not claim credit for any of these images, unless stated specifically.)


6 thoughts on “about Adore&Ärdor

      • I am new to this so I’m not exactly sure but I think the Liebster is mainly a great platform for showcasing fellow bloggers and spreading some love! It was a helpful process for me to answer the questions and I’m really curious what yours and others answers will be! If nothing else, it is a lovely way to get to know each other, no?! 🙂 Loving your blog!! xo

  1. Hi! I love your blog! It’s so fashion forward and I love your inspiration for it =) I look forward to reading more!! ❤


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