Met Gala 2014 Arrivals: All Hail Dolce and Gabbana!



I’ve made an observation. Why is it that the well known faces like actresses, singers, models are a bit of a let down when it comes to the Met Gala while insiders such as Editors, Socialites and private guests steal the show? I mean, this is purely my opinion but for some reason – Hollywood chooses to overkill with the sequins, mermaid gowns (o-v-e-r it!) and princess silhouettes. BORING! Bring me some unique embellishments, bold colour and prints, hair accessories and then we’re talking! I am always more excited to see these less known faces like above (Stefano Gabbana’s pals) than the usual celebrities. The choices are so unique and daring. This grand event is a step out of the usual red carpet comfort zone and usually comes with a theme.

These images are my favourite looks from this year’s event – did someone say Dolce and Gabbana? THIS what Met Gala is all about – pure elegance and did someone say hot, uh..i mean haute couture?? Bring on the DRAMAA and originality!

(P.S. Apologies for the slightly blurry images – stolen straight off Stefano Gabbana’s Instagram. Peace out!)