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Spring Styling Photo Shoot: The planning!

TFP1 moodboard 1

printTomorrow is an exciting day! I’m styling a photo shoot for which I’ve pulled together some very bright looks. We’re shooting downtown, amongst the crowds and thetheme for the editorial is ‘more is MORE’!

This is going to be a super quick post, but here is a sneak peek of the mood board attached (top) with a sample of the prints and colours we’re shooting with tomorrow (bottom).

Okay, now I have to head off to source some last minute things such as heels and printed trousers …so watch this space!

Travel Diaries: Everything but BLACK

Travel Diaries: Everything but BLACK

These have to be a couple of my most favourite pictures I have ever clicked …purely because of the intoxic feeling I felt when stepping into this vibrant fabric shop on a shopping trip in India. What truly fascinates me about this magical country is that each corner and narrow alleyway tells a different story and heightens a brutal attack on all your senses at once. I had no idea that down a somewhat dodgy alley, up some rusty spiral stairs and behind a faded, brown door lay this colourful secret – a room full of stunning butter silks, light chiffons, gold borders and the softest cotton. I was in my own version of heaven, amongst every imaginable hue possible. The quality of the fabric was luxurious and the prices were so cheap compared to what we pay back at home here!

This little fabric shop is situated on Laxmi Road, Pune.