Met Gala 2014 Arrivals: All Hail Dolce and Gabbana!



I’ve made an observation. Why is it that the well known faces like actresses, singers, models are a bit of a let down when it comes to the Met Gala while insiders such as Editors, Socialites and private guests steal the show? I mean, this is purely my opinion but for some reason – Hollywood chooses to overkill with the sequins, mermaid gowns (o-v-e-r it!) and princess silhouettes. BORING! Bring me some unique embellishments, bold colour and prints, hair accessories and then we’re talking! I am always more excited to see these less known faces like above (Stefano Gabbana’s pals) than the usual celebrities. The choices are so unique and daring. This grand event is a step out of the usual red carpet comfort zone and usually comes with a theme.

These images are my favourite looks from this year’s event – did someone say Dolce and Gabbana? THIS what Met Gala is all about – pure elegance and did someone say hot, uh..i mean haute couture?? Bring on the DRAMAA and originality!

(P.S. Apologies for the slightly blurry images – stolen straight off Stefano Gabbana’s Instagram. Peace out!)


Personal Style || I love the STRIPE HYPE!

I’ve always loved mixing solid block colour separates with a print to make a look more interesting. This formula can work for any occasion, but in this case I’ve gone with a more preppy weekend look with a bold power punch. When it comes to casual dressing, there is so much more colour, patterns and accessories to play around with that you can experiment all you want – which is my favourite part!

For this look, it’s all about the stripe and a vivid red blazer. I find these wardrobe staples so versatile, but look super chic when paired together. Keep accessories and bottoms to a neutral colour – gold works wonders for accessorising, just remember to stick with one or two statement pieces such as a gold chain and a men’s watch. Because the focus is on the top half of the outfit, throw on plain dark trousers or a fitted skirt to balance this look.

Best worn at: Weekend BBQ, Sunday Markets or …on a boat with champagne and sunshine (it screams sailor prep, no?)

Keep an eye out for more personal style inspiration coming up. Until then, what do you think of this look? Thoughts?

Happy Saturday, kids! x



2. my OUTFIT


3. CREATE this look


Style Steal: Cream, Old and Gold



One of my favourite things ever is spotting a total bargain piece at a vintage or thrift shop and then styling it to a refined, chic look. Tonight’s outfit features one of my favourite colour combinations: cream and gold. This colour duo oozes utter sophistication with a minimalistic approach that always manages to look expensive. 

The blouse cost me $7 from a really run down vintage store that I almost missed walking by! I gotta say, it did take me some time to dig around and once I found it, all it needed was a good wash, iron and TLC to get it looking chic again. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to spend a fortune to buy killer branded/designer heels. Just keep an eye out for clearance or warehouse sales, I picked up these Zoe Wittner heels at once of these for only $50 (down from $130). And get this, this 70’s retro necklace cost me $3!!

What do you guys think of this look, thoughts?

Happy Saturday x

Editorial Styling Shoot: A Chic City Escape!

So excited to finally share some styling I did for an editorial a few weeks ago! This was one crazy shoot and a long long day. We had two models, various different locations in the city (which meant driving around like a maniac with the entire team and getting plenty of stares along the way), long hours and a tonne of mad fun! The approach was a softer colour palette  which whispered elegance, with a strong zesty tangerine thrown in for a punch – a hue that’s on my wish list this Summer btw. The highlight was working with a brilliant team and a wicked end result!

How would you wear Tangerine this season? x

Photographer: Roshan Jansz Photographer
Models: Esra & Tillie
Make up: Parisa Zamanian MakeUp Artistry 
Hair: Home Love Hair and Beauty 
Stylist: Uma at Adore&Ardor

_RJP4143 _RJP4139 _RJP4102_RJP4208 _RJP4177_RJP4467 _RJP4444 _RJP4389_RJP4038_RJP4563


Creative Spaces (part two): Precious jewels + A total bargain = WIN

Hello everyone!

Wow it’s been way too long since I’ve posted on here so the guilt is very much catching up on me. I have so much to cover over the coming days so definitely keep a look out for posts on my latest shoots, new outfits, beauty posts and more dreamy inspiration and images!

I have to share with you my latest purchases which was a total steal! I got these jewel toned costume jewellery earrings for such a bargain, get this – a total of $5 for both!! How gorgeous are they?! I am madly in love with the rich blue hues and pretty little designs. These would pair perfectly with an off-beat coloured evening dress with a messy bun and dark eyes. Or you could go total effortless chic and pair them with a plain white tee. The tribal gold necklace set me back $6 while the aqua blue was a bit more pricey but totes worth it – $19 if you must know. These stunners will be featured in a mad photo shoot I’m planning next so will keep you posted.

What do you think of these pretty trinkets? They are to die for, no? x


Creative Spaces (part one): My bedroom, my bliss

IMG_5570IMG_3785 IMG_5604

Hello everyone! Today’s post is dedicated to a little place in my home that just happens to be my very own little bit of luxury – my bedroom! I am completely inspired by the coveteur ( and decided to invite you into my personal space. I strongly believe that a personal space is a true reflection of your individuality and flair. It is after all an intimate space where you unwind in after a long day and relax!

When it comes to my own bedroom (or home for that matter), I like to start with a blank canvas such as clean white furniture and walls and then add vibrant splashes of bright textures and textiles to give it warmth. The contrast of these two really livens up the space whilst keeping a sense of calm through a minimalistic approach that I adore.

My tips to make your room a little more quirky? Pull out old letters, notes and quotes and hang them in beautiful frames, drape pretty little trinkets like necklaces over these frames, use that sequin statement piece as art and show it off  (why hide it in your closet?), place random objects where they don’t belong – pretty little teacups on dressers and high heels as book ends, collect fashion/art books – stack ’em high and some classic black and white photographs are always a win!

Above are some detailed pictures of my room to give you some interior inspiration. I would love to know how you decorate your room?

Until next time…
Happy Monday! xx

Fabulous Friday: Master of Magic – John Galliano favourites!

“Style is wearing an evening dress to McDonalds, wearing heels to play football. It is personality, confidence and seduction. Dressing up. People just don’t do that anymore. We have to change that” – John Galliano





I mean, need I say more? SWOON! x