Creative Spaces (part five): Books, Books, Fashion Books!

Hi there! Welcome to part five of my personal style posts on creative spaces – which mostly covers interior decor of my pretty little apartment and bedroom. If you have read my past posts, you will know by now that I am obsessed with fashion books and magazines. They are more than just books to me, I treat them as art. Instead of frames of paintings, I have displayed all my fashion books on top of shelves standing and stacked, which jewel trinkets hanging off the covers – my version of modern art! This is such a fun way to display all your beautiful coffee table books instead of letting them pile up and catch dust.

If you want more interior inspiration, make sure you check out my part one, two and three on my apartment interiors –

Happy Tuesday! x


Cannes 2014 Coverage: Blake Lively, oh so lovely!


Blake Lively, seen here at Cannes 2014 is BABE’N in this deep maroon Gucci number! She holds my top spot so far purely because of the ease that she pulls off in her looks! She is effortlessly easy, breezy and drop dead beautiful – right from the drama of the dress to her make up, minimalistic accessories and hair (it’s not easy to wear a long braid on the red carpet!).

Watch this space for more Cannes 2014 updates.
(Hint: Freida Pinto, Cate Blanchett and Sonam Kapoor!)

Met Gala 2014 Arrivals: All Hail Dolce and Gabbana!



I’ve made an observation. Why is it that the well known faces like actresses, singers, models are a bit of a let down when it comes to the Met Gala while insiders such as Editors, Socialites and private guests steal the show? I mean, this is purely my opinion but for some reason – Hollywood chooses to overkill with the sequins, mermaid gowns (o-v-e-r it!) and princess silhouettes. BORING! Bring me some unique embellishments, bold colour and prints, hair accessories and then we’re talking! I am always more excited to see these less known faces like above (Stefano Gabbana’s pals) than the usual celebrities. The choices are so unique and daring. This grand event is a step out of the usual red carpet comfort zone and usually comes with a theme.

These images are my favourite looks from this year’s event – did someone say Dolce and Gabbana? THIS what Met Gala is all about – pure elegance and did someone say hot, uh..i mean haute couture?? Bring on the DRAMAA and originality!

(P.S. Apologies for the slightly blurry images – stolen straight off Stefano Gabbana’s Instagram. Peace out!)

My Personal Style: Chopped!


I needed a major change for Winter so decided to get my hair chopped into an effortless, clean ‘lob’ (for those of you who don’t do acronyms, it stands for a ‘long bob’). I absolutely love my new do and find it really fresh and easy to style!

Oh, and this is my new M.A.C bright pink lippy that I put on for quick glam!

What is your new style for the upcoming season? x

Creative Spaces (part four): My Living Room

Our current apartment has white walls and lots of open space as we haven’t crowded it with excessive 
furniture or hoarding (that sort of sticks to the other rooms!). Lately I’ve been hunting around for some young, fun and chic pieces to add warmth to the living area but not blow our budget! I am a sucker for Pinterest and always click for great inspiration ideas! Once I have a distinct idea in my mind, I’m off to hunt! Scroll below to see the bargain pieces I found and how our living room turned out!



My living Room below:
Everything you see in the pictures below is affordable and easy to find if you just hunt around for a bargain! I absolutely love my new living area, it’s a place that we always relax in as well as entertain. There is something really calming about having white interiors – it makes a space look brighter as natural light bounces off the walls, minimalistic and works as the ideal canvas for interior decor! Everything is easy to clean (washable cushion covers – helloooo lifesaver!!) which is an added bonus!



Tips to liven up your living space:

1. Start with a clear idea of colour schemes/patterns
2. Objects like coffee table books, bright textiles, cutlery or one statement piece of furniture made a huge difference!
3. I love pieces with sentiment – objects you’ve been gifted or picked up on travels
4. Do not over complicate and clutter!
5. IKEA is your best friend. 

If you want more interior inspiration, make sure you check out my part one, two and three on my apartment interiors –

How would you decorate your personal space? x

Personal Style || I love the STRIPE HYPE!

I’ve always loved mixing solid block colour separates with a print to make a look more interesting. This formula can work for any occasion, but in this case I’ve gone with a more preppy weekend look with a bold power punch. When it comes to casual dressing, there is so much more colour, patterns and accessories to play around with that you can experiment all you want – which is my favourite part!

For this look, it’s all about the stripe and a vivid red blazer. I find these wardrobe staples so versatile, but look super chic when paired together. Keep accessories and bottoms to a neutral colour – gold works wonders for accessorising, just remember to stick with one or two statement pieces such as a gold chain and a men’s watch. Because the focus is on the top half of the outfit, throw on plain dark trousers or a fitted skirt to balance this look.

Best worn at: Weekend BBQ, Sunday Markets or …on a boat with champagne and sunshine (it screams sailor prep, no?)

Keep an eye out for more personal style inspiration coming up. Until then, what do you think of this look? Thoughts?

Happy Saturday, kids! x



2. my OUTFIT


3. CREATE this look


Creative Spaces (part three): Let’s Stay Home!

Okay so, a while ago I posted an interior decor feature which gave you all an inside look at my current bedroom here in Melbourne ( I have an obsession with interior decorating and constantly find myself gravitating towards all the chic interior design ‘pins’ on Pinterest and picking up knick-knacks for my room . It’s sort of an addiction and tends to burn a hole in my pocket more times than less!

Over the holidays, I flew back home and stayed in my childhood house where I found familiar comforts again in my old bedroom. Maybe I’ve always felt the need to ‘style’ any room I’ve lived in because when I stepped into my old bedroom again, it was easy to see the reflection of my creative side going back all those teenage years! It was refreshing to dig up old artwork and paintboxes from university, re-read my vast Vogue collection, see the faded D&G, Valentino and other fashion posters up on the walls and source fresh inspiration from the piled fashion books.

Here is a snapshot look into my original bedroom that will hopefully give you some inspiration to make your space a unique one!


Happy Tuesday! x

Image ImageImageImageImage